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My tasty Pizza Adventure around the World.

62 Pizzas and counting...

  • Theo's

    Camberwell, London - UK

    "Good fresh bufala, amazing pomodorini, but a bit burned."

  • Antica Pizzeria da Michele

    Baker Street, London - UK

    "First day of the year and first Pizza of the year.
    How to start the year in a better way? 😚"

  • Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo

    Milano - IT

    "Finally tried Sorbillo. Sooo good!
    Can't wait to try it in Napoli!"

  • Pizzeria Apollo

    Stoke Newington - London, UK

  • Zia Lucia

    Holloway, London - UK

    "Fresh Bufala on top, so good!!"

  • Pizza Wall St.

    Hackney, London - UK

  • Rosso Pomodoro

    Shoreditch, London - UK

    "Really tasty, but a bit too heavy 😅"

  • Antica Pizzeria

    Hampstead, London - UK

    "So good, despite of the terrible name of the Pizza (I think it was something like Dante Alighieri)."

  • Antica Pizzeria da Michele

    Stoke Newington, London - UK

    "They used to be the best in London, the last couple of times I went I was really disappointed."

  • LAX Airport

    Los Angeles, US

    "I know, I know, but I couldn't resist."

  • Jolla - San Diego

    Jolla, San Diego, US

    "I was looking for a Chicago Style pizza (yes, I know, in California) and I got this. Well, it wasn't that bad after all."

  • Yard Sale - Clapton

    Clapton, London, UK

    "It was more a personal experiment, it was good but not my piece of cake (well, pizza in this case)."

  • Mamma Farina

    Milano, IT

    "I forgot the particularity of this pizza, gluten free? Without yeast? It was something like that. Not bad for an Unreal Pizza 😏"

  • Made of dough

    Brixton, London, UK

    "Really good for a street food pizza!"

  • Indo Bar

    Whitechapel, London, UK

    "Could have been better and worst at the same time.
    The bar is really nice though."

  • Pizza Pilgrim - Shoreditch

    Shoreditch, London, UK

    "Pizza Pilgrim BYOB, what do you want more? 🍾."

  • Aeroporto Roma Fiumicino

    Roma, IT

    "30 mins in Italy, 1 Pizza."

  • Antica Pizzeria da Michele - Tokyo

    Tokyo, JS

    "Having Authentic Italian Pizza in Tokyo, that's life!"

  • Antica Pizzeria da Michele - Tokyo

    Tokyo, JS

    "I also had to try the Marinara 😅"

  • Random place in Osaka

    Osaka, JS

    "I know, what to expect from a Japanese Pizza?
    But after two weeks of Japanese food I had to."

  • Sacro Cuore

    Crouch Hill, London, UK

    "I love this place, but this pizza was a bit too much.
    My fault for not keeping the traditions."

  • Kerb - Camden

    Camden, London, UK

    "The worst pizza I've ever had in my entire life.
    PS for me: never listen to your british colleagues food suggestions."

  • Pizza Pilgrim

    Kings st, London, UK

    "Hands down the best Fiorentina I have ever had."

  • Antica Pizzeria da Michele

    Stoke Newington, London, UK

    "I had Michele in Napoli and it was amazing.
    So glad they opened also in London."

  • Antica Pizzeria da Michele

    Stoke Newington, London, UK

    "Obviously I had to try also the Marinara."

  • Sacro Cuore

    Crouch End, London - UK

  • Mercato Metropolitano

    London - UK

    "First time I try ricotta on Pizza and it was a pleasent discover."

  • Regina Sofia

    Bologna - IT

  • Sartori

    Coven Garden, London - UK

  • Hana Maria

    Finsbury Park, London - UK

  • The Pizza Bakers

    Finsbury Park, London - UK

  • Sacro Cuore

    Crouch End, London - UK

    "Not a big fun of Pizza full of ingredients but this was so good!"

  • il guscio

    London - UK

    "WTF! Dwarves' Pizza? Lost a client."

  • O ver

    Southwark, London - UK

  • Napul'è

    Como - IT

    "Napule è mille culure 🎵"

  • Aeroporto di Olbia

    Olbia - IT

  • ???

    Sardegna - IT

  • Sud Italia

    Spitafields, London - UK

    "Definitely one of the best in town!"

  • Bistrot Laguna Blu

    Leggiuno - IT

  • Bella Vita

    London - UK

  • The Bite

    London - UK

    "They used to be really good, lately they lost their touch."

  • Franco Manca - Stoke Newington

    London - UK

  • Pizza Pilgrim - Soho

    London - UK

  • Pizza st.

    London - UK

  • Il Guscio

    London - UK


  • Buon Appetito

    London - UK


  • Dusty Knuckle @ Chepstow Castle

    Cardiff - UK


    "Pleasent surprise in Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿."

  • Il Monte

    Stoke Newington - London, UK


  • Pizza Street

    Shoreditch - London, UK


  • Bella Vita

    Broadwey Market - London, UK


  • La Dolce Vita

    Caravate, IT

    "taste of childhood."

  • Pizza Express

    Soho - London, UK


  • SpaccaNapoli

    Bologna, IT

    "Almost impossible to finish one."

  • Regina Margherita

    Bologna, IT


  • Pizza Pilgrim

    Carnaby Street - London, UK


  • The Bite

    Dalston - London, UK

  • Rosso Pomodoro

    Coven Garden - London, UK


  • Laguna Blu

    Leggiuno, IT


    Deliverance - London, UK


  • Rosso Pomodoro

    Hoxton - London, UK


  • FrancoManca

    Broadwey Market - London, UK


  • SpaccaNapoli

    Warsaw, Poland


    "Kick Off 🍕"